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Yay, I'm back online from the new location! What was up in Hubzilla-Space over the weekend?
@Mike Macgirvin Great news! Right now I'm a bit pressed for time so I won't look into hosting one of them myself for now.

@Mario Vavti Solved. 3.4.2 up and running.
3.6.1 it is, :three: . :six: . :one:
  zuletzt bearbeitet: Tue, 18 Sep 2018 16:37:56 +0200  
Ah, oh. Yes, I'm on 3.6.1 - I think I had Slackware 14.2 in mind and hence wrote 4.2... ;-)
Hey all

From tomorrow on I'll be offline - along with my hub - for some time. We move out of the data center in the Swiss Alps to a new place. I have to re-number and set everything up before I'm back online. This might take some time...

See you on the other side.
Fingers crossed! Hope to see you back up soon!
One of the nice features of Hubzilla is that I still have my channel export to import on another hub, if all else fails. Nomadic Identity ftw :D
Since I need Postgres for a couple of other services I would like to migrate Hubzilla to Postgres, too. Has anyone ever tried something like this? I think something like this might work:

  • Create a DB dump
  • convert the DB dump using mysql2pgsql
  • creating a new DB from the dump
  • changing the config in Hubzilla

What obvious caveats am I missing?

@Hubzilla Support Forum+
A few years ago we had a default date of all zeroes. Postgres considered this to be illegal (the argument is that a month or day can never be zero). But that was the point. We wanted a date that could not exist in real time to distinguish from a date that could exist and could be a real date.  In any event, I finally gave in and changed it to a legal date; which is the 0001-01-01 form. It just means in Hubzilla you can't represent dates BCE,

Recent versions of MySQL also barf on illegal dates, unless you configure them otherwise to allow the old behaviour.

So pgloader is apparently trying to resolve the differences in the best way it can and that may be the most correct answer in this case. But we've moved past that and just use 0001-01-01... as "NULL_DATE", because I generally don't like working with null if it can be avoided. That's something that comes from many years as a 'C' programmer.
Thanks for the explanation. So the 0000-00-00 defaults in my DB are there because my is old. Now, I need to find a way to convert them to 0001-01-01. I'll keep you posted.
If you're working from an SQL dump you can run sed on the file. You might catch a handful of posts like this conversation which is unfortunate, but it's the easiest way to get them all.
London Station Transfer Mode #cyclingscotland

Waiting for the Caledonian Sleeper to London... #cyclingscotland #notcyclinganymore

E-Voting explained by #xkcd

xkcd: Voting Software

The last stage on our journey: Dalwhinnie, waiting for the only train that would still accept bicycle bookings today... #cyclingscotland

Today we took the rough off road alternative of the cycle route.. I mean what could go wrong, we're on a heavy duty touring bicycle built for these conditions - and a folding bike...

Then we had a cup of tea and a coffee in a CTC approved coffee shop.

Due to popular demand I'll post some more pictures from our Scotland trip. Right now it stopped raining and we're back in high speed mobile internet land.

Entering the Isle of Harris:

Drying clothes in the Rhenigidale Youth Hostel which we had all to ourselves:

There was also more rain at the Youth Hostel:

Back on on "mainland" Scotland we finally spotted that bright ball of fire called the sun:

On the way to Inverness we came across a cemetery in the middle of nowhere in the woods. During the night this would make a great horror movie filming spot:

  zuletzt bearbeitet: Wed, 08 Aug 2018 22:10:21 +0200  
was it cold. I see you have fire in the fire place. Here today less hot 29 instead of 33 or 34
We mostly had temperature s between 10 and 20. Whenever I checked the weather back at home the rain didn't seem that bad after all... ;-)
First day of cycling on the outer Hebrides. The hostel were we camp even has a bike shed! #cyclingscotland


Also, they were very clever, they used an old stone building as bike shed so that they didn't have to decide what colour to paint it... ;-)
Another rainy day on route 78. The picture was taken before the rain set in... :/ #cyclingscotland

Last night we stayed in a random hotel because we were to wet to camp. Turns out the hotel is owned by an 80 year old vegan from Manchester. That's why the cooked breakfast was vegan. Nevertheless, the cereals were served with milk.  The fact that the place was vegan (or partly vegan) wasn't mentioned anywhere on the website. Even though the place was slighly weird and felt from another time in the past, it was great. They even allowed us to squeeze the bicycles in the boiler room.

Today the weather was better than expected. Now we are finally camping.



New #pepperandcarrot episode!
Episode 26: Books Are Great


Official homepage of Pepper&Carrot, a free(libre) and open-source webcomic about Pepper, a young witch and her cat, Carrot. They live in a fantasy universe of potions, magic, and creatures.
@Mario Vavti  - only items posted by your PeerTube connection after the connection is added will appear in our stream, is that correct?
In other words, add the connection and wait for the next item to be posted on PeerTube, this will be the first item that will appear in your stream. :-)
No pictures today. The rain set in when we started cycling... #cyclingscotland #scottishsummer
Scotland without rain is not scotland. If you want to a chance to have rain go in West in East part you have less chance
They had a dry period of 2 months until we arrived... ;)
Cycling the Union Canal from Edinburgh to Glasgow. #cyclingscotland

@Andrew Conway Hmm.. guess you're right. I just got confused by a sign saying "union canal".
 via ActivityPub
@navigium I think it starts off as the union canal nearer Edinburgh but I've not cycled that far east.
@Andrew Conway ah so that's what confused me.
Bicycle friendly #Eurostar - unlike the French trains.

!slackware nostalgics This got to be the most important post on the #Slackware forums for ages. That's why I'll quote the whole post by Pat Volkerding:

I told [the Slackware Store] to take [the donation link] down or I'd suspend the DNS for the store.

I've been mulling over exactly how to tell you all this, and I guess this is as good a place as any. The store has been ripping me off horribly, and I'm very nearly broke. I have no evidence that they've ever done anything with donations besides line their own pockets. I've not been paid any money by them in two years. That was upon the 14.2 release (and followed another long period of time with no income). The 14.2 release generated nearly $100K in revenue. The store gave me $15K, and later said that I was "overpaid".

When I agreed to set up the store, it was structured as a company where they owned 60%, and my wife and I owned 40%. I had not yet escaped California and would have quickly gone broke there with a house underwater had I not taken the deal. And 60% seemed fair, since the idea was that the company would be providing health insurance, paying for the production of the goods, and handling shipping and related customer service. And when my daughter was born and needed surgery and continuing medical attention I could hardly jeopardize our insurance in the days before the ACA. I was between a rock and a hard place like many residents of the US. Since then, the store has ceased to provide any benefits, and shouldn't even be getting a 50/50 split in my opinion, much less looting the coffers for 81+% (anything they want to spend money on is an expense, apparently, while any expenses I have to support the actual project come out of the peanuts they toss me). I only found out about how bad it really was last year when I finally managed to get some numbers out of them. I thought the sales were just that bad, and was really rather depressed about it. Another side note - the ownership of the 60% portion of the store changed hands behind my back. Nobody thought they needed to tell me about this. At that point I'd say things got considerably worse for me.

Still not sure how to move forward, but I have some hope that the community might think that my work is and has been worth supporting. If at all possible I'd like to get away from replicating physical media which seems to be a lost cause. T-shirts? Well, maybe, but I don't see that providing a reasonable income either. I'm wondering how Patreon would do. It would at least be better than nothing, which is where I am now.

Through all of this I have continued to work hard towards getting Slackware 15.0 released because I believe it will be by far the best release we've ever had, and because I'm dedicated to my work and the community that uses it. I've never really been in this for the money. At any given juncture (including now) I've had numerous opportunities that would support me and my family far better and would provide us with the things that we need rather desperately. I mean, I'm sitting here in a house with a giant hole in the roof, a broken door sealed with duct tape, and a failed air conditioning condenser that I can't afford to fix, my wife has been driving on a spare tire for weeks, my teeth need serious attention again, and I only just got a machine here with UEFI for the first time (bought a used machine... really out of my budget but it had to be done).

I'm open to suggestions at this point. As far as Slackware 15.0 goes, I've been testing PAM and Kerberos here and have given quite some thought to trying to get them merged (or at least in /testing) so that we can have proper support for Active Directory and NFS. Plasma 5 has been a consideration as well, although frankly it's grown much larger than GNOME was back when I decided that should be spun off for third party maintenance. If that's going in, we really need to analyze which dependencies would not be used outside of Plasma and stick all of those in the KDE series. I'm as tired of the pollution of the L series as the rest of you are.

"I did this 'cause Linux gives me a woody. It doesn't generate revenue."
-- Dave '-ddt->` Taylor, announcing DOOM for Linux

This sounds interesting and I'm even in Edinburg that evening. I might even attend...

Post-consensus, cooperative decision-making

Talks on the philosophy, theory and practice of making cooperative decisions when consensus is not possible.
Hey all at !Hubzilla Support Forum

I've got a question regarding the even calendar. I noticed that birthdays from friend end up in my public calendar but events I click "I will attend" on don't. This leads to two questions:
  • Is there a way to not show contact's birthdays publicly?
  • Is there a way to show in the calendar that I decided to attend an even?

Thank you all

From what I remember birthdays of your connections are automatically added to your calendar. All other events require you to manually add them to your calendar (we don't know in advance which will interest you). It would probably be helpful if events you're attending or maybe attending would be added automatically and perhaps not events you've declined. Somebody would need to make this happen.
I don't see much use for this easity a priori:

1. We are a cosmopolitan group from different countries and with many different time zones.

2.  Because of a very common misunderstanding, a private event can be published, as a date with a girl, for example to
@muppeth that answers ti the question we had the other day.