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Hey all at !Hubzilla Support Forum

I've got a question regarding the even calendar. I noticed that birthdays from friend end up in my public calendar but events I click "I will attend" on don't. This leads to two questions:
  • Is there a way to not show contact's birthdays publicly?
  • Is there a way to show in the calendar that I decided to attend an even?

Thank you all

From what I remember birthdays of your connections are automatically added to your calendar. All other events require you to manually add them to your calendar (we don't know in advance which will interest you). It would probably be helpful if events you're attending or maybe attending would be added automatically and perhaps not events you've declined. Somebody would need to make this happen.
I don't see much use for this easity a priori:

1. We are a cosmopolitan group from different countries and with many different time zones.

2.  Because of a very common misunderstanding, a private event can be published, as a date with a girl, for example to
@muppeth that answers ti the question we had the other day.
!Chaostreff Zentralschweiz Danke allen fürs Kommen gestern. Schön hat es auch eine Zweier-Delegation aus Zürich zu uns geschafft :D

Zudem: Probiert doch das mit dem Matrix-Chat nochmals, es sollte jetzt wieder alles funktionieren.
Now we can stop accepting new additions to the Internet. It is finally conplete....

The On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer
Sequences® (OEIS®)

Independence day (from centralized social media...)July 7 - Independence Day

Say goodbye to advertisement, censorship and political manipulation. Say hello to freedom, privacy and federation. Step 1: Open your new mastodon or friendica account. It does not matter on which server you subscribe or which service you choose: they are all connected together into the same fediverse. Step 2: Invite your friends, colleagues or your...
Wait, why don't they mention Hubzilla and Diaspora? Why do they have a Twitter button?? My second impression isn't as good as the first...
Stop posting on the old media, or, even better, #deleteTwitter and #deleteFacebook.

It's not very convincing if they don't do so themselves :disappointed: Der lange steinige Weg zum Informatik-Lehrer am Gymnasium

Im letzten Herbst wurden die Weichen gestellt ( Bis in vier Jahren wird Informatik auch an den Schweizer Gymnasien ein obligatori

!Chaostreff Zentralschweiz

Wir haben jetzt auch eine neue, eigene Mailingliste.

Kontakt -
Unsere Treffen werden meist an den Treffen selbst oder auf der Mailing-Liste namens zentralschweiz at chaostreff punkt zeh ha abgemacht. Die Liste ist allen offen und kann als Kontakt bei Fragen benutzt werden. Um sich in eine Liste einzutragen, muss man eine Mail mit dem Inhalt oder Betreff subscribe an zentralschweiz-request AT chaostreff… schi...
!Chaostreff Zentralschweiz

!Chaostreff Zentralschweiz

Wir haben jetzt auch eine neue, eigene Mailingliste.

Kontakt -
Unsere Treffen werden meist an den Treffen selbst oder auf der Mailing-Liste namens zentralschweiz at chaostreff punkt zeh ha abgemacht. Die Liste ist allen offen und kann als Kontakt bei Fragen benutzt werden. Um sich in eine Liste einzutragen, muss man eine Mail mit dem Inhalt oder Betreff subscribe an zentralschweiz-request AT chaostreff… schi...

Today I learned that E.W. Dijkstra wrote an article about how numbering should start at zero. I should print this and make it the base of a new religion. Welcome to the Church of #Zeroism!

E.W. Dijkstra Archive: Why numbering should start at zero (EWD 831)
Why numbering should start at zero To denote the subsequence of natural numbers 2, 3, ..., 12 without the pernicious three dots, four conventions are open to us Are there reasons to prefer one convention to the other? Yes, there are. The observation that conventions a) and b) have the advantage that the difference between the bounds as mentioned eq...
@Hubzilla Support Forum+

Someone answered a private post of mine from Mastodon over activitypub which basically lead to them @-mentioning everyone who could see my post. Is this a Mastodon or Hubzilla problem?
Mastodon have four options. The last one is DM or you may call it private message. I don't know how safe it is,after reading the above conversation. I am really fed up of using Mastodon. I always feel that I am not in control of my own post called  as "Toots" and tracking the conversation is hard too. Its just good for people who needs mass publish updates on regular intervals.
I am done many more posts on Mastodon,but I must say there is no constructive talk there.
We were discussing the possibility of restricting the mentions to only those connections on a particular server. I haven't researched further but I believe this is possible. It doesn't fix the problem (only Mastodon can do that), but it reduces the exposure a bit.
@Mike Macgirvin
When I comment on the reshare  of connected Mastodon connection the comment never appear on the Mastodon if I am not connected to the person who's post is reshared. This is known or this is happening to me only?
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One day until I'm off to #Cosin in Biel. See you there!

@Linux User Group Zentralschweiz+
Interesting I didn't know such event exist not really far from me
@kris so see you tomorrow, then. ;)
No I didn't plan to come sorry but I would could
Right now runs in on a FreeBSD machine. As I have to move the server out of the data center I plan to move to a VPS (possibly only temporarily). I'm considering trying to get it to run on #OpenBSD. How bad is this idea? Are there any other hubs running on OpenBSD? (Are there even any other hubs running on any BSD?)
Hehe, yes, my hub runs on FreeBSD. Can't imagine there should be a problem on OpenBSD, either. Very interested in how it works out for you.
@Harald Eilertsen I'll definitely give it a try eventually, even if only to try OpenBSD's httpd. I let you know how it works out.
It's great news that M$ acquired GitHub. This means an influx of new users for its FOSS rivals. Dear GitHub, please say hello to Sourceforge when you eventually meet on the bottom of the rabbit hole....
That's great news, I'll visit Scotland this summer to scout..

Perfect solution: Scotland and Switzerland to swap places due to Brexit


The governments of Scotland and Switzerland have taken a historic decision: before the end of summer, the two countries are to swap their current state territories. This means that Switzerland will finally cease to be surrounded by EU member states, whilst Scotland will move right into the heart of the EU in the wake of the disappointing Brexit vote.
I like the slower but much nicer route to and from work... #bikecommuting

When I was a teen we were living in an area of upmountain hills.T

he next bigger town with a good public library, record shops etc was about 15 km away. I could either chose a route that was more than uncomfortable due to the amount of cars, longer but almost flat. The alternate route went through the lonely forest, whith quite a few hills. Plus the first three km were rather steep, the worst of the whole trip. My bike was a so called "Dutch Roadster", which meant heavy and no gears at all. I did that route every one or two weeks.
I was amazed that after some time I suddenly could drive those first three km without the need to stop. Still am because that was quite a steep road. Which also meant that I really had to be careful on the way back. 50km/h were absolutely possible, but also absolutely unsafe.
During winter time that route was quite scary, because at one farm was a dog that almost always chased me, and in the dark I could not even see it. I was always driving as fast as I could and was full of fear.
If a car came I had to stop because I could no longer see the road. Once I was almost run over by deer. I was fearing to meet wild boats. Luckily we did not meet. That could have become really dangerous.
In Basel you have lot of bicycle. But in Lausanne you maybe have few electric bicycle. Advantage ... Maybe not for all.
@kris I definitely don't live in a flat are. We have a lot of recreational bicycle traffic, but not many use it as a means of transport. They prefer to be stuck in traffic for some reason. So you are probably right about the majority of the Swiss population.
Open Source heisst nicht unbedingt günstig
Für 13,5 Millionen Franken betreibt ein Anbieter aus St. Gallen die neue Informatikplattform der Berner Schulen.
My first #skitouring pictures with the new Fairphone camera. Taken on the way to Clariden and Tüfelsjoch, from Klausenpass.


Wow! :-)
Yay, it' Pepper & Carrot Episode Day... Time to celebrate!

Episode 25: There Are No Shortcuts


Official homepage of Pepper&Carrot, a free/libre and open-source webcomic about Pepper, a young witch and her cat, Carrot. They live in a fantasy universe of potions, magic, and creatures.
@MoodleNet - fan page Found this on Mastodon. Maybe you'd like to post it here, too:

Do you meet the following criteria?

✔️ Educator
✔️ Can be in London, England on Thursday 24th May
✔️ Interested in testing out MoodleNet prototypes

If so, get in touch! (we'll compensate you for your time)

(please boost to reach corners of the Fediverse I haven't yet explored!)

Thanks, @Beni Grind ! Will do! :-)
Sadly Deltalis is closing its datacenter in the Swiss alps. So I'm in the market for a new server location. I hope I'll be able to save but there will be some downtime....
 via ActivityPub
@navigium never thought that there is a "Verein" for such thing, also prices seem resonable to me... maybe I'll consider something like this as an option for hosting one day

  zuletzt bearbeitet: Wed, 09 May 2018 20:03:15 +0200  
@Beni Grind If you need Swiss server i could recommend you
Also if it is necessary - i can provide you for a temporary use my ARM server (512mb mem, 4core, orangePi) based in Russia
@Alex Fence There is also the Community Rack ( Verein which has a rack at the ColoZüri data center.

@ivan zlax Thank you for the offer but I should be fine. I still have until the end of 2018 to decide what to do. My decision also depends on what course of action will decide on.