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I just flashed my second #Freifunk router. One step closer to mobile #Freifunk access. Fun fact: This post reaches you over my new router which isn't directly connected to the internet but passes the post on to the old ff-router over its mesh network. Awesome tech is awesome :-D
Für die Schweizer hier. #Schweiz

Referendum gegen die Überwachung von Versicherten


Das Parlament ist nach massivem Lobbying eingeknickt. GPS-Tracker und Drohnen - so weit sollen Versicherungen bei der Überwachung von Versicherten gehen dürfen. Wir wehren uns dagegen. Bist du dabei?
Wow! :-)
Upgrading my router to #OpenBSD 6.2
o_O And how did you do that?
@Manuel what do you mean? I just booted the bsd.rd ram disc as always...
I thought you meant a dsl router, that's why I was so surprised. But you mean something else, don't you?
Sean TilleySean Tilley schrieb den folgenden Beitrag Sun, 04 Mar 2018 23:29:07 +0100 shamelessly rips off of Mastodon and slaps a blockchain on top, for some reason

The Hiveway platform raised more than a few eyebrows today with an announcement by none other than John McAfee, unveiling the startups rebrand from Etherhive to Hiveway. At this time, McAfee’s affiliation with the project remains unclear, but he nevertheless appears to be providing consultation to the team. This is all fine and good, however, one detail sticks out like a sore thumb: Hiveway is a complete and utter ripoff of Mastodon.

#Hiveway #Mastodon #Blockchain
Die Story im Ersten: Das Microsoft-Dilemma | Reportage & Dokumentation


"Wanna Cry" war ein Weckruf: Die Cyber-Attacke mit dem Erpressungstrojaner traf im Mai 2017 hunderttausende Rechner in über 100 Ländern. Dass ein Schadprogramm so eine Schlagkraft entwickeln kann, liegt auch an Microsoft.
#Rosstock once again. Second time this season....



@Linux User Group Zentralschweiz+

Der zentralschweizer Linux-Stammtisch gibt sich für einmal etwas informativer und widmet sich nicht nur dem Pizza-Essen. Am nächsten Freitag gibt es einen Vortrag zum Thema Blockchain in der Automobilindustrie:

Blockchain-Technologie ist momentan in aller Munde. Durch die Höhenflüge von Bitcoin und Ethereum wurde die Technologie auch bei der generellen Bevölkerung bekannt. Auch Unternehmen beschäftigen sich mittlerweile damit, wie sie am Meisten von Blockchain-Technologie profitieren können. Man kann sich erdenken, dass insbesondere Finanzdienstleister daran interessiert sind, wenn unter anderem UBS, Credit Suisse und ING der Ethereum Alliance beitreten (Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, o.D.). Doch auch in anderen Industrien besteht Interesse. IBM forscht beispielsweise an Blockchain-Technologie in der Automobilindustrie. Die Information Management Research Group der Universität Zürich untersucht ebenfalls mögliche Einsatzszenarien der Blockchain in der Automobilindustrie. An diesem Punkt möchten wir anknüpfen und erforschen, inwiefern sich die Prozesse des Automobilhandels, insbesondere des Occasionshandels, in der Blockchain abbilden lassen und inwiefern sich die Technologie für diesen Einsatz eignet. Ebenfalls sind wir interessiert daran zu wissen, ob Endkunden und Industriepartner überhaupt an einem solchen System interessiert sind.

Die oben genannten Forschungsfragen waren Teil eines Masterprojektes von vier Studenten der Universität Zürich (unter anderem von Chris), die herausfinden wollten, wie ein Blockchain-basiertes Auto-Handelssystem realisiert werden kann. Ursprünglich war auch die Idee da, den Nutzen von elektronischen Fahrzeug-Heften zu erforschen.
The Swiss Postal Service want me to sign up for SwissID, a third party login provider. Apparently the Swiss Railways aren soon to follow. Meaning we will have a private company accumulating the login data of a majority of the Swiss population. Of couse they'll only use this data to improve your user experience and provide you with personalized offers. Ah, and they will share the data with third parties....

I read the Terms of Service and the Privacy Agreement and I don't agree. Does this mean I won't be able to use the online services of the Swiss Post? We'll see.... :/
@Andrew Manning I assume that's good news for us matrix users....

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by Matthew Hodgson | Jan 29, 2018 | Uncategorized | 12 comments We’re delighted to announce that our friends at Status have made a major strategic investment ($5M) in New Vector: the company which currently employs most of the core team.  This means that we now have the financial backing to let us focus entirely on improving the Matri...
I think it's great news. Good software being well funded? So rare!
I think in all these years I #ski and regularly study the avalanche bulletin, I've never seen something like this. Level 5 is the highest level and is rarely used, and then usually only locally for a small region.

More #skitouring ...


#Skiing Rossstock today. The last sunny day for now...


@Hubzilla Support Forum+ If I create a card on a different channel than the current channel (where I have the permission to add a card), I don't see the little padlock icon. I assumed that the reason is the fact that I don't own the channel and it is a private channel without public access.

But when I then go and edit the created card again using the channel which doesn't own the card, I suddenly see the padlock and get to set the access rights for the card.

Is this a bug or intended behavior?
Based purely on the description it sounds like a logical bug to me.
Above the fog that covered a large part of the country the weather was perfect to go #skiing.


lucky one. I am under the fog in the grey.
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Home sweet home + winter = :D


Steffen K9Steffen K9 schrieb den folgenden Beitrag Thu, 21 Dec 2017 15:02:48 +0100
If this turns out to be true, I might leave #Firefox for the first time.

Firefox is on a slippery slope
For a long time, it was just setting the default search provider to Google in exchange for a beefy stipend. Later, paid links in your new tab page were added. Then, a proprietary service, Pocket, was bundled into the browser - not as an addon, but a hardcoded feature. In the past few days, we’ve discovered an advertisement in the form of browser extension was sideloaded into user browsers. Whoever is leading these decisions at Mozilla needs to be stopped.
 via Diaspora
It's part of the Firefox "data collection and use" settings; specifically, "Allow Firefox to install and run studies". It's not forced nor hidden.
Is it off by default and won't turn itself on? (I can't check since I'm using the FF LTS that comes with #Slackware)