Sadly Deltalis is closing its datacenter in the Swiss alps. So I'm in the market for a new server location. I hope I'll be able to save but there will be some downtime....
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@navigium never thought that there is a "Verein" for such thing, also prices seem resonable to me... maybe I'll consider something like this as an option for hosting one day

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@Beni Grind If you need Swiss server i could recommend you
Also if it is necessary - i can provide you for a temporary use my ARM server (512mb mem, 4core, orangePi) based in Russia
@Alex Fence There is also the Community Rack ( Verein which has a rack at the ColoZüri data center.

@ivan zlax Thank you for the offer but I should be fine. I still have until the end of 2018 to decide what to do. My decision also depends on what course of action will decide on.