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Beni Grind

Beni Grind
  zuletzt bearbeitet: Sun, 28 Aug 2016 20:52:04 +0200  
Hey all at @Hubzilla Support Forum+

Somehow the registration-process on my hub is completely broken. I've got a configuration where a social private channel is supposed to be set up automatically. My hub is also set to invitation only. Somehow this doesn't fully work:

  • Even though system.default_permissions_role is set to social_private, the automatically created channel is set to social
  • The "Name or Caption" part in the registration-form is totally ignored. The name on the profile is set to the first part of the email (the one before the @)
  • The nickname field is also ignored, the username is set to the first part of the email used to register, too.

The relevant configurations:

config[system][auto_channel_create] = 1
config[system][default_permissions_role] = social_private

Could anyone point me in the right direction to work this out? I really don't even know where to start.



Hubzilla version: 1.12 - 1181
Mike Macgirvin
already applied. git pull
Mike Macgirvin

careful not to scare people arriving from diaspora gnusocial and company... :-)

Yeah, my apologies. That took longer than it should have.
giac hellvecio
'Yeah, my apologies. That took longer than it should have... '

this is sheer terror.

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