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Nice, we finally get #Android 6, too. #Frairphone

Android 6.0 coming to the Fairphone 2 - Fairphone


After months of hard work, our software team is excited to announce that Android 6.0 Marshmallow will soon be available for the Fairphone 2. This upgrade will offer Fairphone owners better security, longer battery life and improved functionality, to name just a few of the advantages. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits, changes …
I wonder if google still ships security patches for 6.0
@Mario Vavti Lool. They do ;) - I'm not entirely happy with the #Fairphone, but I have yet to find a googfree Android device which is easily repairable and runs a more up to date version of Android.
Just discovered #Transportr, a free software #Android app to check timetables. I always wanted to get rid of the proprietary app provided by the Swiss National Railway.
Brilliant idea. Not runnng a recent enough version of CyanogenMod to install though :-(