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IProbably nobody noticed this but was IPv6 only for one night. Somehow the PF rules didn't come up cleanly after the upgrade to #FreeBSD 11.1.
Does it? It's probably because it's running on a (mostly) dedicated box and I'm pretty much the only user on it.
Oh Yeah!
Just visited your profile. Smokin' hot fast. The fastest Hubzilla I have ever seen so far.
@tobias to me it usually feels quite sluggish. Maybe that's only because I never post anything. I never do any server maintenance apart from upgrading the system.
Great, I spend hours trying to figure out why my pf.conf blocks traffic from one #FreeBSD jail to another.... until I noticed that I set one internal IP to instead of
Finally my #FreeBSD server does regular automatic #ZFS snapshots and smartmontools monitor my disc drives. I wanted to get this sorted for a long time. Now my cloud and my #hubzilla site are just a tiny bit securer. I still lack proper backups though, I really should get that fixed too....