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@Lohan G - another member of the old #Fediverse :D Welcome to #Hubzilla
It's great to see people of the old GNU Social fediverse over here on #Hubzilla! Welcome @Stanislav N. aka pztrn !
Hello there! :P
Hi @Stanislav :)
@grmpyoldman I tried to follow you from my #Hubzilla instance. I see your posts. Apparently the exchange is one-directional as you ask for @notnavigium
Since #hubzilla 2.6 I again see a lot of people in my timeline whose posts I didn't see for some time. It's nice to be more federated than ever :D
@mcnalu @perloid you guys are my test subjects to try #hubzilla to GNU Social/Mastodon connectivity...
I think this article pretty much sums up why I think #Hubzilla is such a great piece of software. I don't see the people in charge here making any of the mentioned mistakes.

7 mistakes you're probably making


The most common mistakes open source projects make and how to avoid them.
Wow, yeah that article could have been written by Mike and Mario!
#Hubzilla fullfils exactly the three points made in this article, even though it's not mentioned by name.


A decentralized web would give power back to the people online
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Apparently I accidentally ran a IPv6 only #hubzilla node since yesterday and I wondered why nobody says anything. It should be fixed now...
Finally my #FreeBSD server does regular automatic #ZFS snapshots and smartmontools monitor my disc drives. I wanted to get this sorted for a long time. Now my cloud and my #hubzilla site are just a tiny bit securer. I still lack proper backups though, I really should get that fixed too....
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Hey all,

Assuming I would ask some friends to register on my #hubzilla instance but I don't want them to force to publish their profile on a directory server, is there a way to only register user in a directory if they opt in?


I wouldn't feel comfortable forcing people to register in a global directory. After all, I tell people that's the reason why I don't use WhatsApp.
The "social private" configuration doesn't list you in the directory, although it has other side effects. Custom is a possibility. You could also write a very small plugin which catches the get_role_perms hook.

function my_role_perms(&$ret) {
   if($ret['role'] == 'social')
       $ret['directory_publish'] = false;
@Mike Macgirvin Thank you for the info. The plugin would deactivate directory publishing for everyone, right? Then maybe using the social private option as default upon registration might be the best option. It still lets people change it to opt in.
Updated to the latest #Hubzilla version. Now trying to find out what's new. Maybe I should start with reading the change log ;)

Testing crossposting to #GNUSocial from #Hubzilla
@Redmatrix / Hubzilla Support Channel+

Hey all,

I posted a picture and some text on #Hubzilla and cross-posting to GNU Social was activated. Sadly only the text but no link to the picture arrived at GNU Social. Is this just not supported or is there a way to make this work?
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My domain has been offline for quite some time now (at least when it comes to ports 80 and 443). I was really too lazy to get a new certificate from StartSSL and reinstall everything. Now that we have #LetsEncrypt, getting certs is as easy as it gets. So is back. This time on #Hubzilla instead of #Friendica.
Finally I've got my own #Hubzilla hub. Not everything's working yet (hello email), but at least it's up and running.