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Beni Grind

Even though I'm quite happy with #XMPP on #Conversations I'm considering trying #Matrix at some point... Does anyone have any experience running a #Matrix server?

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The Android App on F-Droid uses regular polling to get new messages. That's highly inefficient and drains my battery. #Conversations did a much better job on that front.
Looks very promising. No e2e encryption yet, but in development (sounds as if it was nearly ready), and using the same Axolotol Ratchet as Signal, Conversations, and WhatsApp.

@Beni Grind Yes, I found a notice somewhere that they usually use GCM for push which is forbidden on F-Droid, if I understood that correctly. I hope they'll develop something more efficient without GCM in the future.

I'll set up a server and Vector client as soon as I have time to (which might be days or weeks or today if I'm lucky). As Beni said, it looks like a nice IRC replacement to me, but so much better … and offers bridges to IRC, too. And WebRTC integration, and quite some community already, it seems.

Cool. Why have I never heard of this before?
I'm looking for a mobile group chat for my local Linux User Group. I'll definitely set up a server as soon as I can to test it.

I also noticed that the polling interval is set to 0 by default. I set it to 60 Seconds which should reduce the battery drain.