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Upgrading my router to #OpenBSD 6.2
o_O And how did you do that?
@Manuel what do you mean? I just booted the bsd.rd ram disc as always...
I thought you meant a dsl router, that's why I was so surprised. But you mean something else, don't you?
#OpenBSD 6.0 was released yesterday

OpenBSD 6.0 released


September 1st, 2016: The OpenBSD team announces the availability of 6.0! W^X enforcement. In their latest attempt to push better security practices to the software ecosystem, OpenBSD has turned W^X on by default for the base system. Binaries can only violate W^X if they're marked with PT_OPENBSD_WXNEEDED and their filesystem is mounted with the new...
I'm trying out the #Lumina desktop on #Slackware.... Looks ok-ish but I don't think I want to go through the whole configuration until it looks and feels like my current #fvwm configuration.
Awesome-WM has done it for me for a long time now.
With awesome I experienced tiling the first time :-) Later then I switched to spectrwm.
I keep switching. Often I end up using i3. At the moment my project is to use a wm that's included in #Slackware. Right now I'm using a FVWM configuration which is almost behaving like a tiling wm. As a plus FVWM is also the default #OpenBSD wm. (However, I used cwm on my last OpenBSD desktop install...)