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Right now runs in on a FreeBSD machine. As I have to move the server out of the data center I plan to move to a VPS (possibly only temporarily). I'm considering trying to get it to run on #OpenBSD. How bad is this idea? Are there any other hubs running on OpenBSD? (Are there even any other hubs running on any BSD?)
Hehe, yes, my hub runs on FreeBSD. Can't imagine there should be a problem on OpenBSD, either. Very interested in how it works out for you.
@Harald Eilertsen I'll definitely give it a try eventually, even if only to try OpenBSD's httpd. I let you know how it works out.
Upgrading my router to #OpenBSD 6.2
o_O And how did you do that?
@Manuel what do you mean? I just booted the bsd.rd ram disc as always...
I thought you meant a dsl router, that's why I was so surprised. But you mean something else, don't you?
#OpenBSD 6.0 was released yesterday

OpenBSD 6.0 released


September 1st, 2016: The OpenBSD team announces the availability of 6.0! W^X enforcement. In their latest attempt to push better security practices to the software ecosystem, OpenBSD has turned W^X on by default for the base system. Binaries can only violate W^X if they're marked with PT_OPENBSD_WXNEEDED and their filesystem is mounted with the new...
I'm trying out the #Lumina desktop on #Slackware.... Looks ok-ish but I don't think I want to go through the whole configuration until it looks and feels like my current #fvwm configuration.
Awesome-WM has done it for me for a long time now.
With awesome I experienced tiling the first time :-) Later then I switched to spectrwm.
I keep switching. Often I end up using i3. At the moment my project is to use a wm that's included in #Slackware. Right now I'm using a FVWM configuration which is almost behaving like a tiling wm. As a plus FVWM is also the default #OpenBSD wm. (However, I used cwm on my last OpenBSD desktop install...)