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!slackware nostalgics This got to be the most important post on the #Slackware forums for ages. That's why I'll quote the whole post by Pat Volkerding:

I told [the Slackware Store] to take [the donation link] down or I'd suspend the DNS for the store.

I've been mulling over exactly how to tell you all this, and I guess this is as good a place as any. The store has been ripping me off horribly, and I'm very nearly broke. I have no evidence that they've ever done anything with donations besides line their own pockets. I've not been paid any money by them in two years. That was upon the 14.2 release (and followed another long period of time with no income). The 14.2 release generated nearly $100K in revenue. The store gave me $15K, and later said that I was "overpaid".

When I agreed to set up the store, it was structured as a company where they owned 60%, and my wife and I owned 40%. I had not yet escaped California and would have quickly gone broke there with a house underwater had I not taken the deal. And 60% seemed fair, since the idea was that the company would be providing health insurance, paying for the production of the goods, and handling shipping and related customer service. And when my daughter was born and needed surgery and continuing medical attention I could hardly jeopardize our insurance in the days before the ACA. I was between a rock and a hard place like many residents of the US. Since then, the store has ceased to provide any benefits, and shouldn't even be getting a 50/50 split in my opinion, much less looting the coffers for 81+% (anything they want to spend money on is an expense, apparently, while any expenses I have to support the actual project come out of the peanuts they toss me). I only found out about how bad it really was last year when I finally managed to get some numbers out of them. I thought the sales were just that bad, and was really rather depressed about it. Another side note - the ownership of the 60% portion of the store changed hands behind my back. Nobody thought they needed to tell me about this. At that point I'd say things got considerably worse for me.

Still not sure how to move forward, but I have some hope that the community might think that my work is and has been worth supporting. If at all possible I'd like to get away from replicating physical media which seems to be a lost cause. T-shirts? Well, maybe, but I don't see that providing a reasonable income either. I'm wondering how Patreon would do. It would at least be better than nothing, which is where I am now.

Through all of this I have continued to work hard towards getting Slackware 15.0 released because I believe it will be by far the best release we've ever had, and because I'm dedicated to my work and the community that uses it. I've never really been in this for the money. At any given juncture (including now) I've had numerous opportunities that would support me and my family far better and would provide us with the things that we need rather desperately. I mean, I'm sitting here in a house with a giant hole in the roof, a broken door sealed with duct tape, and a failed air conditioning condenser that I can't afford to fix, my wife has been driving on a spare tire for weeks, my teeth need serious attention again, and I only just got a machine here with UEFI for the first time (bought a used machine... really out of my budget but it had to be done).

I'm open to suggestions at this point. As far as Slackware 15.0 goes, I've been testing PAM and Kerberos here and have given quite some thought to trying to get them merged (or at least in /testing) so that we can have proper support for Active Directory and NFS. Plasma 5 has been a consideration as well, although frankly it's grown much larger than GNOME was back when I decided that should be spun off for third party maintenance. If that's going in, we really need to analyze which dependencies would not be used outside of Plasma and stick all of those in the KDE series. I'm as tired of the pollution of the L series as the rest of you are.

"I did this 'cause Linux gives me a woody. It doesn't generate revenue."
-- Dave '-ddt->` Taylor, announcing DOOM for Linux

I just upgraded #cwm on my #Slackware box to the version from OpenBSD 6.2. Sadly they changed how tiling works. Now there isn't a way to tile two windows differently than splitting the screen in exactly two halves. Additionally they changed pretty much every keyword in the config file.  :-(
The innumerable woes of the computer nerd...
Speaking of computer nerds, do you still use Scuttlebutt?
@Andrew Manning I lost the harddrive of one machine and lost my private key. That's why I had to set up a new identity. I only installed it on my new machine recently. It still feels very clunky and power hungry.
I'm trying out the #Lumina desktop on #Slackware.... Looks ok-ish but I don't think I want to go through the whole configuration until it looks and feels like my current #fvwm configuration.
Awesome-WM has done it for me for a long time now.
With awesome I experienced tiling the first time :-) Later then I switched to spectrwm.
I keep switching. Often I end up using i3. At the moment my project is to use a wm that's included in #Slackware. Right now I'm using a FVWM configuration which is almost behaving like a tiling wm. As a plus FVWM is also the default #OpenBSD wm. (However, I used cwm on my last OpenBSD desktop install...)
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#Slackware 14.2 RC2 is out....

Fri Apr 15 20:37:37 UTC 2016
Finally got some fixes we were waiting for in this new kernel.
It's been almost a month since 14.2rc1 so we'll call this Slackware
14.2 release candidate 2. Almost there. Get in any last-minute
bug reports quickly. :-)
Building #ghc on #Slackware in hopes to be able to install #pandoc. We'll see how this works out...
I'm considering installing #Slackware on my Libreboot X200. I don't really use it at the moment because I don't like Trisquel. But I'm too lazy for Free Slack and I'm still a bit reluctant to install any not fully free distro on a Libreboot machine. But then, if I don't use it, it won't help either.
Today I read in the #Slackware log that we'll finally get a proper version of sudo:

ap/sudo-1.8.15-x86_64-1.txz: Upgraded.
       New options: --with-insults --with-all-insults --with-pc-insults.
       Sorry about this, I know it's a bit silly. ;-)
Slackware now sells subscriptions for 14.2. So I was finally able to get one. #Slackware