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I'm so bad at running my own #Taskwarrior sync server. I tried to generate new certificates which lead to the server not starting anymore... There is just no ouput, not even with the --debug flag... :(
@Bob Mottram Actually I was moving from Org Agenda over to #Taskwarrior. I'm just too much of a CLI guy not to have my task in a console, not a text editor.
@Bob Mottram that's true, longer descriptions are a problem that's not very well solved in Taskwarrior. I usually only use them to attach a link to a task if I ever use them. With org-agenda I somehow never managed to get a setup that really worked for me without ending up in a huge mess of text files. Taskwarrior worked out of the box. I figure it always depend on how you work. I usually keep detailed descriptions of task in separate documents of sometimes even as paper in a folder, so all I ever need is a single line.