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Beni Grind
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Hey all,

A few questions regarding 2.6RC and CardDav integration in core:

Where did the documentation of the correct caldav/carddav end point go? I remember looking this up on the plugin page.

Secondly, where do I activate caldav access for a certain channel. The Android app doesn't accept any of the possible end points I tried.


Andrew Manning
Haha, okay. Is it possible for use to run another hubchart site or mirror it someone? I never looked into how that actually works.
Mario Vavti
  zuletzt bearbeitet: Fri, 11 Aug 2017 09:30:46 +0200  
@Paolino created it and has opensourced it somewhere... IIRC it is a java application...
Beni Grind
@Mario Vavti Awesome, now it works! Thanks for your help!

Beni Grind
  zuletzt bearbeitet: Sun, 12 Feb 2017 18:31:21 +0100  
Hey all,

For some reason my cloud storage refuses to accept *.md files when I try to copy them onto a davfs2 mounted Hubzilla instance. I tried two empty files, both didn't exist on the server. That's the result:

root@darkstar:/tmp# cp test.txt /mnt/tmp/
root@darkstar:/tmp# cp /mnt/tmp/
cp: cannot create regular file '/mnt/tmp/': Invalid argument

Is there a setting which disallows markdown files?

UPDATE: It's not a davfs2 bug, it also happens when I try to copy the files using Dolphin. According to Dolphin it's a permission problem.


The debug log doesn't help, only the successful transfers turn up.

Beni Grind
@Mario Vavti not actively, but it might be a goog idea to skim through the server configuration. Could there also be a php setting which forbids certain file names?
Beni Grind
I tried cadaver today. There is apparently something wrong with my server setup. It sends back a 403 error:

Uploading /tmp/ to `/dav/matraxi/': failed:
403 Forbidden

This can't have something to do with the OS I'm on. I have to look into my server configuration.
Beni Grind
@Mario Vavti Your tip was the correct one. For some reason I had the following in my nginx configuration:

location ~* \.(tpl|md|tgz|log|out)$ {
                deny all;

I don't even know why I ever put it there, it's a stupid idea for something that provides cloud storage ;) Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.
Beni Grind
Hey @Hubzilla Support Forum+

I'm trying out the wiki in Hubzilla 2.0 and noticed something strange. I'm trying create a wiki page containing some html code examples. If I add the html-code in the markdown file as code (indented 4 spaces), it shows up perfectly fine in the view section, but as soon as I save and reload the wiki page, my code example is gone.

I assume this has something to do with the sanitization of the wiki content. Is this behavior intended? Wouldn't it be better to escape the html code and leave it where it is?
Andrew Manning
Hey thanks guys, sounds like y'all discovered the solution before I even had a chance to look into it :-) I knew I was doing something wrong there.
Mike Macgirvin
  zuletzt bearbeitet: Wed, 28 Dec 2016 03:18:52 +0100  
Should be #fixed

And I don't think you did anything wrong. This is one of those subtle code interactions you really don't discover until it's in the wild.
Beni Grind
Awesome, Team Hubzilla as helpful as always. Thank you @Mike Macgirvin and @Andrew Manning
Beni Grind
@Hubzilla Support Forum+

If a line of code contains a "x" in two brackets "[..]" it somehow gets interpreted as a ticket box of a todo. Is this a bug or am I doing this wrong. Here is an example:

Beni Grind
Ah, that's where it comes from. Yeah, doesn't make a lot of sense in a code block....
Beni Grind
  zuletzt bearbeitet: Sun, 28 Aug 2016 20:52:04 +0200  
Hey all at @Hubzilla Support Forum+

Somehow the registration-process on my hub is completely broken. I've got a configuration where a social private channel is supposed to be set up automatically. My hub is also set to invitation only. Somehow this doesn't fully work:

  • Even though system.default_permissions_role is set to social_private, the automatically created channel is set to social
  • The "Name or Caption" part in the registration-form is totally ignored. The name on the profile is set to the first part of the email (the one before the @)
  • The nickname field is also ignored, the username is set to the first part of the email used to register, too.

The relevant configurations:

config[system][auto_channel_create] = 1
config[system][default_permissions_role] = social_private

Could anyone point me in the right direction to work this out? I really don't even know where to start.



Hubzilla version: 1.12 - 1181
Mike Macgirvin
already applied. git pull
Mike Macgirvin

careful not to scare people arriving from diaspora gnusocial and company... :-)

Yeah, my apologies. That took longer than it should have.
giac hellvecio
'Yeah, my apologies. That took longer than it should have... '

this is sheer terror.

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