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If you installed Hubzilla via git and running master branch, you are only a git checkout 2.6RC away from the latest and greatest Hubzilla ever. Do not forget to also update git checkout 2.6RC the addons (yes i am looking at you :nerd:).

Please help us test this RC (especially install, upgrade and core components) and provide feedback in form of bugreports or pull requests on issues you might find. Also testing of addons/plugins is highly appreciated.

You can follow the progress of RC testing in this wiki. Keep in mind that the wiki is not yet complete. Please PM me for write-access if desired.

For the changelog please have a look at the git history for now.

A condensed summary will follow with the version 2.6 release announcement.

Happy testing!

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That should be #fixed now @Beni Grind
@Mario Vavti Thank you! I'll give it a try after this weekend.  I wont be able to pull before then.
So far all known issues in RC branch have been ironed out. Let's hope it stays that way so we can release at the beginning of next week :grin: