I like the slower but much nicer route to and from work... #bikecommuting

When I was a teen we were living in an area of upmountain hills.T

he next bigger town with a good public library, record shops etc was about 15 km away. I could either chose a route that was more than uncomfortable due to the amount of cars, longer but almost flat. The alternate route went through the lonely forest, whith quite a few hills. Plus the first three km were rather steep, the worst of the whole trip. My bike was a so called "Dutch Roadster", which meant heavy and no gears at all. I did that route every one or two weeks.
I was amazed that after some time I suddenly could drive those first three km without the need to stop. Still am because that was quite a steep road. Which also meant that I really had to be careful on the way back. 50km/h were absolutely possible, but also absolutely unsafe.
During winter time that route was quite scary, because at one farm was a dog that almost always chased me, and in the dark I could not even see it. I was always driving as fast as I could and was full of fear.
If a car came I had to stop because I could no longer see the road. Once I was almost run over by deer. I was fearing to meet wild boats. Luckily we did not meet. That could have become really dangerous.
In Basel you have lot of bicycle. But in Lausanne you maybe have few electric bicycle. Advantage ... Maybe not for all.
@kris I definitely don't live in a flat are. We have a lot of recreational bicycle traffic, but not many use it as a means of transport. They prefer to be stuck in traffic for some reason. So you are probably right about the majority of the Swiss population.